Air Conditioner Replacement

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An air conditioner is only as quality as its installation so it is important you choose the best company available to install your HVAC system.  Since an air conditioning replacement is one of the largest investments you’ll make for your home, it’s tempting to forgo a replacement and choose a more affordable repair instead. Consider these factors when deciding whether to repair or replace:

•Age: If your A/C is more than ten years old and is giving you trouble yet again, consider a replacement.
•Investment cost: This includes the initial purchase price of a new system vs. the repair cost as well as the long-term operating costs of a new A/C vs. the old unit.
•Utility rates: You may think you can’t afford an air conditioning replacement, but a more efficient unit consumes less electricity and saves you big time on energy bills.

What to Consider when Choosing a New System

•Geographic location: Humidity, average temperature, and overall climate affect the size, type, and economic value of the efficiency you choose. For example, investing in a more expensive, higher-efficiency model is economical for a Florida resident but might not be for a Michigan resident.
•Existing system: Homes with radiant or baseboard heating may not have ductwork. To avoid expensive installation costs, one-room units or ductless mini-splits are the best option. This goes for older homes as well, which likely don’t have ductwork.
Benefits of an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner
•Energy savings: Your air conditioner likely accounts for more than half of your energy bills in the summer. By upgrading to an energy efficient air conditioner, you can cut your monthly cooling bills by up to one-third.
•Improved home comfort: The same technology that lowers your cooling bills also helps you stay more comfortable. For example, a variable-speed blower motor saves energy by running on low most of the time, which also decreases temperature fluctuations. Also, scroll compressors that utilize refrigerant more efficiently also cool the room off faster for superior comfort on the hottest days.
•Environmentally friendly: Lower energy consumption is good news for your wallet, but it also helps the environment by reducing emissions. Choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner is one step you can take to lower your home’s carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency Laws

New air conditioners are required to have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 13 or higher. Your outdated system could be significantly less efficient than this, meaning great savings await you once you replace it. New models also have R-410A refrigerant, a more environmentally friendly alternative to R-22 refrigerant, better known as Freon.

If you’re ready to update your system, Tropic Aire is here to help. To learn more about making an efficient air conditioning replacement, please contact the professionals at Tropic Aire Heating & Air Cooling LLC today. We’re happy to answer all your questions.